Transformers Movie Deleted Scene JULY 2022 UPDATE

Midway point of the year and I'm excited to share my progress. I've only made a little bit of progress coloring, but I decided to add another 15 seconds of new animation that wasn't in the original storyboards. My reasoning for adding the additional animation was because I didn't feel the original storyboards made sense. If you just took down Devastator, why would you retreat? You'd have the upper hand! I wanted to show the Autobots coming to the brink of defeating the Constructicons, but are then turned back by Megatron, who as we know, had some extra power in his fusion cannon during the movie and was a force to reckon with.

So the storyboarding phase is officially done. Now I just have to ink and color the unfinished frames, and digitally paint the backgrounds. I'll be updating regularly along the way!