Transformers Movie 1986 - Optimus Prime Death Speech Rewritten

Article / 22 September 2022

Disclaimer: No kids were hurt in the filming of this video.
Disclaimer 2: I don't think Prime should talk like this but it's funny as hell so I made it.
Disclaimer 3: Just because I said I want less violence in The Movie, it doesn't mean I don't like the movie. I FRIGGIN LOVE THE MOVIE. I just want it to be that much better.

I fear the wounds are fatal. 

Prime you can't die!  

Optimus Prime
Sorry, Daniel, there's a secret that Hasbro hasn't told you. The whole point of the series and this movie was to sell toys, but Hasbro has decided to discontinue the toys in this catalog... so they're killing us all. New toys have to be sold no matter the cost. So Hasbro is killing me and all your favorite characters. Even if it means traumatizing you with the cold reality of death. And if you cry about this 36 years later, you'll be labeled soft, and that you don't understand business, and that Transformers needed this to teach kids a lesson about life.  And don't even think about giving feedback to Hasbro. It's 1986. We have phones and fax machines, not email or social media. And even if Hasbro got a call from your angry mother or your pissy ass, you think Hasbro would listen? Never! For Hasbro, business is business, consequences be damned. This was Optimus Prime, 1984 toy that's no longer profitable, signing off! 

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