Transformers the Movie 1986 was too Violent

Article / 21 September 2022

Transformers The Movie 1986 failed in a sense, failed us in terms of telling a heroic story about the Autobots. Like Transformers wouldn't be Transformers without those early Autobots that made Transformers great. And to just make a movie out of nowhere, kill 'em off or give them offscreen deaths and then introduce a bunch of new characters, which were cool and which were definitely worth making, I think probably in a couple of years, you know? I feel like they rushed the phase out of our beloved characters. They should have taken a page from Japanese anime in a sense that you don't really have to kill off characters.  If characters get too weak for the enemy then the characters upgrade.

 They should have just kept upgrading Prowl, Sideswipe,  Optimus Prime, Wheeljack, Ratchet, and  Ironhide, just keep upgrading them like  Bumblebee became Goldbug. And we liked it obviously. 

I could beat that dead horse till the end of time but needs to be said that they  messed up as much as I enjoy the movie.