Transformers Movie Deleted Storyboard Devastator OCT 2022 UPDATE

General / 16 October 2022

This video features many upgrades from the last update in July: 

- New opening with Triplechangers tackle 

- New Devastator transition scene to tearing open wall 

- Updated colors and shadows for rear 3/4 shot of Devastator ripping through wall 

- Updated ramp for Ultra Magnus 

- Updated transformation timing for Red Alert, Sideswipe and Tracks 

- Updated colorized version of retaliating Autobots 

- Updated colorized version of the first 3 Constructicons getting shot 

- New Dirge sneak-attack storyboards added

Transformers Movie 1986 - First Draft Recap and Review

General / 01 October 2022

Chris McFeely and Jim Sorensen revealed the details of the Transformers Movie 1986 First Draft written by Ron Friedman on twitter! Here is my full recap and review of the first draft! There are lots of story details and interesting origins for all of the ideas for TF the movie, and some really cool ideas that were left on the cutting room floor.

To read the original twitter posts, go to: 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 #transformersg1 #transformers #transformersmovie

Transformers the Movie 1986 Final Cut - Start the Movement!

General / 24 September 2022

This scene was not in the original TFTM 1986 storyboards. I added this sequence and others for a total of 15 seconds of animation that gives the Autobots more teeth, more defensive capability, more of the heroism that were grew to love when watching season 1 and 2. Added together with other deleted storyboards, we'll hopefully have about 2 minutes of new footage for the 1986 movie. I'll have a bigger update for everyone in early October. 

The time is now -- let's start a movement under the hashtag: #TFmovie1986finalcut 

#transformers #transformersg1 #transformersmovie