Transformers Movie 1986 Rare Storyboards of Decepticon Attack on Autobot Shuttle

Making Of / 22 September 2022

A few months ago, a storyboard artist for Transformers the Movie 1986, Peter K Chung, posted his rare 1986 storyboards of the "Decepticon Attack on Autobot Shuttle" in his instagram account. The storyboards reveal some insight into the original vision of the violent attack, which was even MORE violent than what we saw in theaters: 

- We actually see Brawn get cut in half by Megatron's gun.
- We see Prowl's Spark get a direct hit from Scavenger's gun.
- We see Ironhide and Ratchet stop shooting, which gives the Decepticons a moment to return fire. Then Ironhide and Ratchet both explode after they hit the ground. 

While it pained me to see my Autobots die such horrible deaths, I somehow got motivated to spend two days on this animatic, which adds some basic camera moves, music and sound effects to the storyboards. The pacing is intentionally slow (2.5 to 3 seconds for each shot) so that you have time to see the details or pause. AI voices are used for Prowl, Ironhide and Brawn. Prowl and Ironhide's lines are from an early draft of the movie, while Brawn's line "Today's a good day for your funeral!" was a quote I found on the internet that I chose to add in. Editing done in Capcut and Premiere. Sounds effects from the tfcog website and ripped & compiled by Grimbot and Taggenagger Thank you to Peter K Chung for sharing this rare gem with the Transformers fans! 

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