Animatics (made using Adobe Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, After Effect and Premiere Pro)

A one minute 2d animatic creating a Star Wars The Last Jedi trailer from a Transformers The Last Knight trailer.

An 8 minute 2d animatic about two boys stranded on an island.

A 4 minute 2d animatic of an original story featuring Wesker from Resident Evil (Biohazard).

A 1 minute 2d animatic of an original cyberpunk idea involving hidden transformations.


Sketchnotes / Whiteboard (made using a camera and Adobe After Effects)

A sketchnote summarizing my thoughts about trying to break into the comics industry. Released Apr 8, 2015.

A sketchnote explaining how to experiment more and be less perfectionist when making comics.



“This is HyperX: The Odd Virus”. My comic art was used for the motion comic portion at 3:30. Copyrighted by HyperX. Released Jul 07, 2014.